What Sort Of Star Is That? The Types Of Stars in The Sky

types of stellar, star types in space, types of stars in space

When you’re looking up at the night sky, you might notice some stars stand out as brighter and different in color from others. Most stars in space are ‘main sequence’ types, like our Sun. But, the standouts we see are the ‘giants’. Stars are celestial bodies that emit light and radiation.  How many different types … Read more

Stars: What Magnitude can I see with my Telescope?

Star Magnitude (360 X 280 Px)

How does stellar magnitude relate to your night sky viewing experience? As a newbie, I found terms like this a little confusing. So here I explore star magnitude along with brightness and luminosity for newbie backyard astronomers. Why this is important: When looking to buy a telescope or astronomy binoculars, you might come across the … Read more

Why Variable Stars Are Worth Targeting

Variable Stars To Target (360 X 280 Px)

Why target variable stars? It helps to improve your ability to distinguish faint objects when out stargazing. Variable stars are high on the scale of star magnitude and practicing to observe these increases your eye’s sensitivity for detecting brightness differences. John Percy authored “Understanding Variable Stars”. The multitude of types makes them interesting. Using your … Read more

Measuring Distances in the Sky Using Your Hand And Fingers

Angular Measurements Using Hand

Using angular distance to pinpoint an object in the night sky can mean zilch when you’re a newbie. The units mightn’t make sense. As a backyard astronomer the following handy guide is all about acquainting yourself and making it simple to understand… …rather than use an app or astronomy book… you can use your hand … Read more

25 Things To See In The Night Sky With Binoculars

Looking Through Binoculars At Night Tint

If you have astronomy binoculars, you may be wondering what you can see with them. The following lists celestial objects you can see in the night sky with binoculars. It includes both northern and southern sky objects that you can target. Discovering the night sky through binoculars You can find and view many celestial objects … Read more