Hi, I’m Marcus. I’m a keen night sky watcher and this is my blog – Telescope Nights!

Everything I know and learn to do with telescopes and amateur astronomy, I’ll be sharing here as a resource for everyone. This includes articles on astronomy binoculars and telescopes including Dobsonians.

My aim is to provide a source of information as a ‘go-to’ for stargazer enthusiasts like myself looking for tools and tips to make this fascinating hobby a satisfying experience.

You’ll find a Glossary to help with the jargon and a Tools page with helpful resources and calculators. There are also guides to help you with choosing gear and tips to help you get the best experience.

My blog also explores the cultural and historical significance of astronomy, such as the role of astronomy in ancient civilizations, to provide a unique and enriching perspective on the subject.

I’d like to thank Redfin for featuring my site in their blog and also the readers and supporters who have helped me along the way by contributing valuable feedback.