Here you'll find quick references, calculators, charts, and infographics to help with your questions and schooling on astronomy and other tech interest related to outdoor discovery.


Weather and cloud outlook near you

Cloud Forecast – From Clear Outside will give you the outlook for your local atmospheric conditions.


Best books to learn astronomy for beginners.


For telescope users…COMING SOON!

Telescope magnification

Telescope focal ratio (f/)

True field of view

Telescope focal Length

For binocular users…

Binocular Field of View in meters

Binocular field of view in Degrees

Charts / Quick References

Dobsonian collimation

Useful when collimating Dobsonian telescopes…For more details see our article on collimating a Dobsonian.

Planet viewing

Rough idea of magnification to use when wanting to observe planets or the moon. See also our article on the best telescopes for planet viewing.


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Moon phases…


Features, metrics, and moons of Jupiter


Features, metrics, and moons of Saturn


Our Sun and stars like our Sun…See also our article on the type of stars in space.