Get Starstruck: How to Find and Observe Messier Objects

Messier Objects

As a backyard astronomer, I’m on the lookout for interesting night sky objects to observe. One set I highly recommend is the deep-sky objects cataloged by French astronomer Charles Messier — called Messier Objects. Here, I list some favorites along with how to find them and what to expect. Messier objects were first cataloged by … Read more

26 Interesting Facts About Venus

Venus low in the sky, Venus can be seen with the naked eye but what does it look like through a telescope

There are so many interesting facts about Venus that I thought I’d put together a list of 26 to share with you. So, whether you’re a backyard enthusiast of space or just curious about our neighboring planet, keep reading to learn some cool and surprising facts about Venus! When you look through your telescope at … Read more

Exploring The Milky Way [What To Know]

Understanding The Milky Way

You see the Milky Way as a hazy band of lights stretching across the night sky. In this article, I cover what to know about the Milky Way, especially in understanding what we can or can’t see as backyard astronomers. The Milky Way is made up of various types of matter, including stars, gas, and … Read more

Get Ready to Watch Meteor Showers

How To See Meteor Showers

Wondering where and how to observe a meteor shower so you don’t miss out, then this post has you covered with tips for watching meteor showers, including the equipment and tips on getting the best views… What are Meteor Showers? If you’ve ever looked up at the night sky and seen a streak of light … Read more