26 Interesting Facts About Venus

Venus low in the sky, Venus can be seen with the naked eye but what does it look like through a telescope

There are so many interesting facts about Venus that I thought I’d put together a list of 26 to share with you. So, whether you’re a backyard enthusiast of space or just curious about our neighboring planet, keep reading to learn some cool and surprising facts about Venus! When you look through your telescope at … Read more

Essential Tips for Getting the Best Views of Planets

If you enjoy observing the planets in the night sky, then you’ll definitely want to check out these tips for maximizing your experience. For me, with a good telescope and a clear dark sky, I get to see Jupiter’s colourful bands and Saturn’s iconic rings. I’ve discovered the following on getting the most from planet-viewing … Read more

Can I see Mercury Through a Telescope?

Where To See Mercury (360 X 280 Px)

Is Mercury visible through my telescope? What can I see of Mercury? It is the smallest planet in our solar system and the closest to our Sun. Here’s what to know about seeing Mercury through a telescope, binoculars, or with the naked-eye. When is Mercury visible? What does Mercury look like through a telescope? To … Read more

Earth-Like Planets Through Telescope Observatories

Exoplanets, Barnauds Star

Scientists are searching for Earth-like planets and finding such with telescope technology that’s highly sophisticated (much more so than the best home telescope). A considered super-Earth is the newly found exoplanet orbits Barnard’s Star, about 6 light-years from Earth in the constellation of Ophiuchus. With an apparent magnitude of +9.5, you won’t be able to … Read more