Installing And Aligning Finderscopes: Tips and Tricks

Aligning Finderscope With Telescope

Installing and aligning a finderscope can be a daunting experience if you’re new to it. But it is a simple task to follow… Having a properly installed and aligned finderscope makes life easier in locating objects in the sky since with a finderscope you have a wider field of view than using your main telescope. … Read more

Reflector vs Refractor Telescope [Which Is Better?]

Refractor Vs Reflector 1200 X 630 Px 2

When it comes to buying a telescope, the two most common types are reflector and refractor telescopes. Reflector telescopes use mirrors to collect and reflect light, while refractor telescopes use lenses to bend light. The choice between the two depends on what you plan to use the telescope for and your personal preferences. When I … Read more

What Sort Of Star Is That? The Types Of Stars in The Sky

types of stellar, star types in space, types of stars in space

When you’re looking up at the night sky, you might notice some stars stand out as brighter and different in color from others. Most stars in space are ‘main sequence’ types, like our Sun. But, the standouts we see are the ‘giants’. Stars are celestial bodies that emit light and radiation.  How many different types … Read more

Essential Tips for Getting the Best Views of Planets

If you enjoy observing the planets in the night sky, then you’ll definitely want to check out these tips for maximizing your experience. For me, with a good telescope and a clear dark sky, I get to see Jupiter’s colourful bands and Saturn’s iconic rings. I’ve discovered the following on getting the most from planet-viewing … Read more

What Kids Can Learn Through A Telescope [6 Meaningful Aspects]

A good child’s telescope will encourage children to learn about astronomy and more! Children are naturally curious and so introducing them to a telescope will help them form a broader understanding of the world around them. 1. The expanse of our universe A telescope will open your child’s thinking to new perspectives. For example, they … Read more

Exploring the Benefits of Catadioptric Telescopes for Astronomy Enthusiasts

Catadioptric Telescope Benefits

I’ve recently discovered the world of catadioptric telescopes. Here, I share insights on why these telescope types are popular in backyard astronomy. Catadioptric telescopes are a type of telescope that uses a combination of mirrors and lenses to reflect and refract light. The name expresses this combination. The word “catoptric” refers to the study of … Read more

13 Reasons To Use Binoculars In Astronomy

Using Binoculars Astronomy

Wondering whether binoculars are any good for astronomy. There are many reasons to use binoculars in stargazing. How good are binoculars for astronomy? Here are 13 reasons to invest in a pair if you’re a night sky watcher… What can you see with astronomy binoculars? Let’s see. Comets. The Moon’s features in more detail. But read … Read more

Rare Moon Events: Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

Bloodmoon 31 Jan2018 1 (2)

The Moon is our one an only natural satellite. Rare astronomical events that include lunar eclipses and phenomena such as Blue Moon, Blood Moon and Super Moon spark wide interest. What do these terms really mean? Let’s have a look. What is the rarest Moon event? The rarest Moon event in modern times was a … Read more