Earth-Like Planets Through Telescope Observatories

exoplanets, Barnauds star

Scientists are searching for Earth-like planets and finding such with telescope technology that’s highly sophisticated (much more so than the best home telescope). A considered super-Earth is the newly found exoplanet orbits Barnard’s Star, about 6 light-years from …

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How To Find Planets When Stargazing

Planets on the ecliptic, Saturn Jupiter near the Moon

There’s a saying: Stars twinkle and planets don’t. It’s true. But, is it enough to find planets when the sky appears full of stars? You will need a long focused and steady look to conclude about it twinkling …

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Celestron vs Orion Cassegrain Telescopes

Celestron VS Orion

Celestron is known for its Schmidt-Cassegrain (SC). But then there’s the Ritchey-Chrétien (RC) type of Cassegrain marketed by the Orion telescope brand. How do these compare? Let’s look at Orion vs Celestron and the important things to know …

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Telescope Storage Ideas to Avoid

telescope storage ideas

If you’re looking to buy or have already have one, you might be wondering ‘where should I store my telescope?’ Here I cover storage ins and outs, what to avoid, and the best options to consider when looking …

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