Moon Halos And Weather Predictions

Moon halo, ring around the Moon seen from Earth

If you’re wondering about that ring around the Moon and what it means, you might be interested in the following. It’s what I discovered about the cause and relevance of Moon halos for weather prediction. I’ve always held …

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Telescope Storage Ideas to Avoid

telescope storage ideas

If you’re looking to buy or have already have one, you might be wondering ‘where should I store my telescope?’ Here I cover storage ins and outs, what to avoid, and the best options to consider when looking …

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Choosing The Best Telescope Eyepiece

best telescope eyepieces to get as extras

With the right eyepieces you get better views. There are many modern eyepiece designs to choose from and knowing what to buy is a tad daunting. This is the reason I put together this guide. It includes a …

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