Is a Dobsonian Telescope Right For You? [Pros & Cons]

Dobsonian Telescope

A Dobsonian is different from other telescopes for astronomy. The ‘Dobs’ are often recommended for beginners because of several advantages but there are disadvantages to having these that you should know before you buy. If you’re looking to buy a Dobsonian or have already bought one, you’ll benefit from knowing more about this reflector type … Read more

Choosing The Best Eyepieces To Upgrade Your Telescope Kit [What To Look For]

Best Eyepieces To Upgrade Your Kit

My experience with accessories sold with a new telescope is that the eyepieces don’t cover all expectations. There are many quality eyepiece brands to choose to upgrade but knowing what to buy is a tad daunting. Eyepieces are essential since they contribute to half of the optics in a refractor telescope vs. about a third … Read more

Telescope Storage Ideas to Avoid

Telescope Storage Ideas

If you’re looking to buy or already have one, you might be wondering ‘Where should I store my telescope?’ Here I cover storage ins and outs, what to avoid, and the best options to consider when looking to store your telescope tube and optics. Where should you store your telescope? It’s best to store your … Read more

Celestron vs Orion Vs SkyWatcher (Which Brand Makes The Best Telescopes?)

Celestron Vs Orion, Orion Vs Skywatcher

You might be in the market for buying a new telescope and wondering which is better Celestron vs Orion or perhaps SkyWatcher? Let’s look at the important things to know about these brands and compare their products. Why these three brands? Of all the telescope brands, Orion, Celestron, and SkyWatcher are typical of the ones … Read more