Choosing The Best Eyepieces To Upgrade Your Telescope Kit [What To Look For]

Best Eyepieces To Upgrade Your Kit

My experience with accessories sold with a new telescope is that the eyepieces don’t cover all expectations. There are many quality eyepiece brands to choose to upgrade but knowing what to buy is a tad daunting. Eyepieces are essential since they contribute to half of the optics in a refractor telescope vs. about a third … Read more

The Ultimate Showdown: Fully Broadband vs. Ultra-Wide Band Optical Coatings

Broadband Coatings On Eyepieces

Are you ready for the ultimate showdown in optical coatings? In one corner, we have Fully Broadband, boasting its wide range of benefits. And in the other corner, we have Ultra-Wide Band, claiming its superiority in clarity and contrast. Let’s explore the pros and cons of each contender and see who comes out on top! … Read more

Discover the Power of Optical Coatings: A Guide for Backyard Astronomers

Optical Coatings Explained

When choosing telescope eyepieces or binoculars you’ll likely come across these different types of optical coatings. If like me, what these mean for the view you get through your instrument will escape you as a novice backyard astronomer. The following is what I’ve since discovered about the different types and what each have to offer… … Read more

Best Extras to Get for a Dobsonian Telescope

Best Extras For Dobsonian (360 X 280 Px)

If you’ve bought a Dobsonian telescope, you may be wondering, what else you need for a good experience in using it. Dobsonians have a few advantages over other types of telescopes. Here’s what you can accessorize them with for a next-level experience. Telescope accessories list Here is a list of accessories to consider to complement … Read more

Steps: How to Clean Telescope Eyepieces [10 Dos & Don’ts]

Cleaning Eyepieces

Dirty eyepieces will hamper all your views through your telescope. Cleaning the eyepieces is simple but as a newbie, you can rightly worry about scratching the anti-reflection coatings or glass. Here’s what I found out about cleaning telescope eyepieces including what to avoid. The main advice: dust and grit is the enemy! And so is mold. … Read more