Celestron vs Orion Cassegrain Telescopes

Celestron Vs Orion

Celestron is known for its Schmidt-Cassegrain (SC). But then there’s the Ritchey-Chrétien (RC) type of Cassegrain marketed by the Orion telescope brand. How do these compare? Let’s look at Orion vs Celestron and the important things to know about these SC vs RC telescope types. One thing, both are a Cassegrain type of telescope. What … Read more

Celestron vs Orion Vs SkyWatcher (Which Brand Makes The Best Telescopes?)

Celestron Vs Orion, Orion Vs Skywatcher

You might be in the market for buying a new telescope and wondering which is better Celestron vs Orion or perhaps SkyWatcher? Let’s look at the important things to know about these brands and compare their products. Why these three brands? Of all the telescope brands, Orion, Celestron, and SkyWatcher are typical of the ones … Read more