Telescope Filters Explained. The Basics to Know

Telescope Filters Explained (360 X 280 Px)

Should you buy telescope filters and if so which ones? Whether you’re just starting or want to advance your backyard telescope experience, filters can make that subtle difference to better see the details of the Moon and planets. Plossi Eyepiece Set + Barlows With Case at Amazon (affiliate link) What does a telescope filter do? … Read more

Best Extras to Get for a Dobsonian Telescope

Best Extras For Dobsonian (360 X 280 Px)

If you’ve bought a Dobsonian telescope, you may be wondering, what else you need for a good experience in using it. Dobsonians have a few advantages over other types of telescopes. Here’s what you can accessorize them with for a next-level experience. Telescope accessories list Here is a list of accessories to consider to complement … Read more