Different Types of Telescope Mounts Explained

Telescope Mounts Explained

Have you ever felt lost when looking for a telescope? Especially when you come across descriptions of different telescope mounts. Wouldn’t it be great to have telescope mounts explained in a simple format… I remember when I first started looking for a telescope, I was bamboozled by the different types of mounts available. But after … Read more

How To Mount A Telescope On A Camera Tripod

A Camera Tripod Without A Camera For Working Out How To Mount A Telescope On A Camera Tripod

Needing a tripod for your telescope? You might be wondering how to mount a telescope on a camera tripod. Tripods can be expensive and you have one for your camera already. So, maybe you could use this. Let’s look at that… A decent tripod for a telescope can be expensive, so… Can you use a … Read more